A woman named Sophia Nur who was apparently posing as a publicist scammed multiple Los Angeles influencers such as Jeff Wittek and Denzel Dion out of thousands of dollars — as well as faking a pregnancy with high-flying artist Jack Harlow.

LA is home to some of the biggest names in global entertainment, ranging from A-list stars of the silver screen to young YouTubers looking to make their way up.

Apparently, some grifters are looking to take advantage of these rich celebrities, though — and someone going by the name Sophia Nur may have pulled off the ultimate heist.

With #SurvivingSophia trending and numerous influencers discussing her alleged antics in a Twitter Spaces call, it was alleged that Sophia may have made herself a lot of money simply from scamming influencers.

Instagram: jeffwittek

Jeff Wittek was one of the influencers allegedly scammed by Sophia Nur.

What is #SurvivingSophia?

As stated above, many influencers and their fans have referred to this situation as them “surviving Sophia.” They recounted stories about her befriending them and claiming to need to borrow money, then never seeing it again.

During the call, and in various tweets surrounding it, the influencers shared their stories.

One person, Camille, claimed that she bought a plane ticket and hotel stays for Sophia, who she now says “kept trying to get over on her” by frequently requesting more money without paying it back.

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