A screenshot of a private profile on Twitter claiming to be “Sophia Nur” — multiple similar accounts exist.
Illustration: Vulture

Did you #SurviveSophia? The internet’s latest alleged scammer is a Canadian woman named Sophia Nur whose alleged lies and manipulations — first shared during a November 18 Twitter Space attended by influencers like Jeff Wittek, Rickey Thompson, Nikita Dragun, Denzel Dion — have sparked Twitter thread after thread. Right now, the conversation around her has many people confused and fascinated, but many questions remain. So here we are, #SurvivingSophia: a recollection of accusations of high-level scams, fake high-profile relationships (namely with Jack Harlow), and a sort of “deal” with Netflix. Thanks to Twitter users like @AriannaDantone (an acquaintance of “Sophia”) and @finelineandwine, and various YouTube videos, recaps of her alleged narratives exist.

The most important piece of background evidence (if it’s true) seems to come from Twitter user @halimaldn — “Sophia Nur’s” “cousin” — who says she and her friends “have been waiting to tell this story for 2 and half years.”

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