With so many people doing home improvements, contractors are busier than ever.

It could be months before they can take on your project, then comes a knock on your door offering to take the job on the spot.

It may seem like a bygone era, but door-to-door salespeople are around, and there are some red flags to watch out for if one shows up at on your doorstep.

A common tactic is to say they’re a contractor with extra supplies and can offer you a really good deal. It could be on building supplies, painting, driveway paving, roofing or pest control, among other things.

They often say they’re only in your neighborhood for the day and if you call the company for an estimate and contract, it will cost you a lot more.

Doing business this way is usually not a good idea, said Bryan Oglesby of the Better Business Bureau.

“Never feel pressure to let them in your home. And always make sure you’re asking for identity, verify who they are and are they working for a true company they claim to be. So it’s always good to end the conversation and check that company out,” he said.

If you do want to hire someone to do some work for you, here are some things you should do:

Check their credentials and license, and verify their insurance. You can do that online at You can also research the company they claim to work for and even call that company to verify the person…

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