Fraud: Roy Road

A resident reported June 17 that she was the victim of an online scam after she was contacted by someone claiming to be with an antivirus company and advising her of a $300 refund.

The caller told her he made a mistake and refunded her $30,000. After the woman gave the man remote access to her computer, she discovered $30,000 was missing from her bank account.

The incident is under investigation.

General assistance: Gretna Green Drive

A resident reported June 14 that her Southwest Airlines account was hacked and of all her airline miles were cashed in for gift cards, totaling approximately $2,000.

Fraud: Highland Road

A resident came to the station June 16 to report that he was a victim of a scam on eBay when selling items.

He said that after not receiving payment for multiple items, he began a conversation with what he believed was customer service. After a phone call, he received a text message advising him to purchase two $500 Target gift cards to refund an overpayment of funds that were placed into his account.

The man purchased the gift cards and sent the redemption codes before learning he was being scammed.

His bank is investigating.

Theft: North Applecross Road

An 80-year-old resident reported June 16 that four pieces of jewelry were missing from her home.

She said a cleaning crew had been in the home recently and the jewelry was valued at approximately $13,000.

Detectives are investigating.

Theft: Alpha Drive

A Drug Mart manager reported…

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