The email looked promising, a company’s “…recruitment team had reviewed her resume.”

“I was saying, wow, you know, let me try to do my best because I want to be hired. I need a job!,” said Aurea Berrios.

She posted her resume on and was excited when a recruiter emailed her to schedule an interview on Skype.

Although, it was not a typical video Skype.

“I’ve never done anything like this, mean on Zoom, fine, but Skype?” said Berrios of the new interview process. “Just typing back and forth, I’ve never done this. And, I’m thinking well, this something new. And she says, `yeah, this is something new that we’re trying out.’”

It was a two hour, detailed text chat.

Berrios says the interviewer asked questions including what’s more important to her in work, creativity or efficiency? The interviewer pointing out the data-entry work is very repetitive, and asking if Berrios was okay with that.

Then, said Berrios, “She says, give me a few minutes. I’m going to forward our entire conversation to the HR department’.”

Berrios noticed typos, but brushed them off thinking we all do that.

Before the chat was done, Berrios had an offer letter showing the corporate logo, from an email address that included the company name.

She was hopeful, but still skeptical.

Berrios says the interviewer stressed, they would never request additional personal information until training starts.

That’s how the…

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