Bernie Madoff, mastermind of the Epic Ponzi scheme, dies. However, his efforts to break the net of deception are still ongoing.

is more than It has been 12 years since Madoff’s confession. Until they commit one of the biggest financial scams in Wall Street history, a team of lawyers continues their vast efforts to get money back for the thousands of victims of his scam.

Their labor has already secured $ 14.5 billion of the estimated $ 17.5 billion investors invested in Madoff’s fake investment business, Financier dies in prison in April..

An ongoing proceeding by Irving Picard, a trustee appointed to court for the liquidation of Bernie Madoff Investment Securities, and his chief attorney, David Sheehan, will withdraw an additional billions of dollars. There is a possibility.

“You don’t like to see someone die, but in this case it didn’t affect what we were doing,” Picard told The Associated Press. “We Work continues. “

Long Island’s so-called “Mini Madoff,” who used white-collar scams to prey on blue-collar workers, complained that 25 years’ imprisonment was too severe and said he wanted to do something good someday. Interview with Nick Cosmo, the first voice of Dienst.


Where it started

Troublesome process Trying to solve Madoff’s scam It started shortly after the money manager was arrested in December 2008.

His downfall was the result of a national financial crisis in which a bank that was recklessly betting on mortgage-backed securities…

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