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London, October 9, 2021

WorldRemit, a leading global payments company, has identified the top four money transfer scams occurring in the industry in 2021 that New Zealand residents should look out.

The four scams include email scams such as taxation scams where scammers are impersonating the Inland Revenue, online dating scams where scammers can play on emotional triggers to get you to send money, online shopping scams such as overpayment scams where scammers ask you to ‘refund’ an overpayment before you realise the credit card has been stolen or a payment receipt is fake, and Facebook impersonation scams including money flipping scams that promise quick money if you invest.

The Company’s Regional Compliance Director David Dry said that WorldRemit takes online security very seriously and that it understands many of the tricks and techniques behind some of the most popular scams.

“We want to educate people on what scams look like so that New Zealand residents can understand what to avoid and protect themselves from getting scammed. Always double-check who is asking you to send money, and if you are not comfortable with the transaction then don’t pursue it. Also avoid using third-party intermediaries, or agents who offer to make transactions on your behalf, and if you need to transfer money overseas, once you have checked the recipient, use a trusted money transfer service like WorldRemit to ensure that your money does arrive in time,” he…

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