Barely two months back, Right to Information (RTI) activist Bipin Agarwal, a resident of Motihari town of Bihar, was shot dead on 24 September 2021 in broad daylight on a busy road by two assailants astride a motorcycle. Last week, a young RTI activist, Avinash Jha, all of 23 years old, was brutally killed in Benipatti town of Madhubani district in Bihar. His half-burnt body was found on the side of a highway four days after his death.



Avinash Jha, also known as Buddhinath Jha, was also a journalist. He had been lately exposing the deadly scam of fake nursing homes sprouting and operational in his region. A couple of days before his death, he had put up a post on the Facebook of the local newspaper he was working for– regarding the district investigation officer having slammed Rs50,000 fine on four errant nursing homes.


The officer ordered the closure of the nursing homes within a week and asked their respective directors to clarify on the scandal. In fact, he had uploaded the order on Facebook. Two days later, Jha was allegedly kidnapped and done to death.


Very strangely, his last Facebook post on his account (Avi Avinash Jha) was about death. 



Mr Agarwal and Mr Jha are two more examples of whistleblowers fighting for social causes and are not using the RTI Act to blackmail someone.


Mr Jha’s brother Chandrashekhar told the media that Avinash was kidnapped because he exposed the ‘hospital mafia’ and had enough evidence…

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