October is Cyber Security Awareness Month.

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the United States. Every week I receive an email with some attempt to steal my identity.

Just today I received one that thanks me from renewing my service contract from one of the biggest appliance retailers in the country. It stated that my credit card had been charged $489.99 for three more years of service.

I have never had a service contract with this company.

The goal of the email was to get me to call the telephone number in it to tell them to refund my non-existent purchase. They would have tried to con me into giving them some information that they could use to scam me for real.

I did not call; I simply deleted the email.

These scammers make logos and everything else in them look very legitimate. While this scam was not sent from a Gmail account it also did not come from the company it was claiming to be. This can often tip you off.

Every other week I receive a similar email from a virus protection software company that I do not use telling they are renewing my subscription. It works the same way and it is usually a Gmail address. You are told that you are being charged hundreds of dollars.

These thieves are very good at stealing info once you make contact with them. If some charge does show…

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