SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — We’ve been reporting on a widespread scam targeting Bank of America and Zelle customers: imposters claiming to be from the bank tricking consumers into sending them money through Zelle.

It’s kind of a Wild West when it comes to payment apps like Zelle. Your money gets transferred instantly, it’s non-reversible and mostly unregulated. For 7 On Your Side viewers, it means the bank gets to decide who gets a refund and who doesn’t.

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“I got a text message saying, ‘Did I authorize a Zelle transaction…'” said Donna Stoker of Cartersville, Georgia.

“I said, ‘I didn’t authorize a $3,500 transaction,'” Page Pollack of San Francisco said.

“So I fell for it right away, I got freaked out,” said Claudia Rivera of San Jose.

They all were victims of the Zelle scam that has spread across the country.

VIDEO: Bank of America gives refunds to some victims of growing Zelle scam

Imposters claiming to be from Bank of America tell victims someone is draining their accounts.

“He could help me out to get those funds back,” Rivera said.

“He started giving me instructions…” said Deborah Lagutaris of Oakland.

“He said OK, we’re gonna get that $3,500 back,” echoed Pollack.

“You’re gonna go to Zelle and you’re gonna send it to yourself,” said Crystal Vaka of Antioch.

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The imposters tell victims to quickly use Zelle to send the money back to…

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