Bastion Balance Press Release: New Cybersecurity Software 2022

The head of the Bastion Balance online security division informed press in Korea this morning that they will be upgrading the company’s online security software. The new cybersecurity software will enhance existing online safety measures to provide even greater protection internally and for their clients from online scams and fraudulent activity. The software employs the latest cybersecurity technology and is specifically designed to shield users from cyber attacks and illegal cyber activity.

The software is specially designed to detect and stop incidences of online security breaches and fraud. Coupled with the Bastion Balance cybersecurity track record of proactive cybercrime prevention, the new cybersecurity software implementation promises to provide even greater protection from emerging threats. Hackers and online scammers are employing an increasing variety of tools and platforms to wreak havoc on business, financial, and investment sectors. Progressively more prevalent threats include phishing website attacks, malware threats, social media profile hacks, rogue mobile application infiltration, online brand abuse, pharming attacks, and other scams.

Cybercrime Techniques 2022

With cybercrime techniques constantly evolving, the new software is designed to monitor and withstand attempts to infiltrate investor data via phishing scams by using enhanced anti-phishing software tools. Phishing attacks can take a variety of forms including via email communication and scam websites that seek to attain private information especially confidential login identification, investment account numbers, and credit card details. They are becoming ever more prevalent and more difficult to spot, with illegal copycat graphic imaging now able to provide a near identical match to legitimate brand sites.

This latest cybersecurity software also has a higher level of malware protection and detection capability. It addresses malware risks speedily, reducing the amount of time your systems are exposed, thus mitigating potential financial losses or brand destruction associated with such attacks. By focusing on the removal of all components of a malware attack the malware becomes non-functional across a host of devices including laptops, smartphones and tablets. The increase in digital device use across the industry means effective malware counteraction and neutralization is more important than ever.

Scammers On Social Media

Social media scams have also become increasingly sophisticated with cybercriminals regularly setting up fake or copy-cat social media accounts. Their purpose is often to engage fraudulently with online brand followers and clients. Motivations for this type of online crime vary. Directing traffic to phishing sites to gain confidential login information is extremely common. Using click-bait on recognized platforms to unleash malware occurs regularly. Some social media scams steal follower or client lists to on-sell to a competitor. Other scams seek to negatively influence a company’s share price through the dissemination of false information. While some recent social media attacks involve the hijacking of an online brand profile with the purposes of demanding a ransom payment for its return to the legitimate owner. The implementation of the new software will aid the early detection of such threats through the monitoring of the social media accounts of Bastion Balance patrons.

The incidence of rogue mobile applications and mobile malware is also increasing, causing possible disruption to services as well as introducing gateways for hackers into mobile devices and hardware. When a mobile application is used maliciously, it can enable cybercriminals to discover personal login credentials, hijack browser sessions, or take control of a mobile device. Application security installed in the new software will aid in the prevention, protection, and detection of such attacks.

Online brand abuse takes a variety of forms. Brand impersonation and the creation of counterfeit brands is common, as is brand trademark theft, brandjacking, cybersquatting, pay-per-click abuse, counterfeiting and brand defacement. Many Bastion Balance clients have strong online brands, that require the highest level of protection. The new software aids the active monitoring of client brands as the best defense against this kind of cybercrime.


Pharming attacks are a form of phishing that utilizes fake domains to imitate those of legitimate vendors. Upgraded tools in the new software can directly monitor and help remove these kinds of pharming scam sites. The effectiveness of the software is enhanced by its ability to correlate data with high-tech global communication systems to capitalize and act on the latest security risk information. Providing a holistic pharming prevention solution is part of the security approach.

With cyber threats targeting every industry and investors in particular, maintaining the highest levels of cybersecurity is essential, especially for global wealth management firms like Bastion Balance. Keeping software regularly updated or replacing outdated software with newer and thus more effective software systems is one of the most proven and effective ways to maintain the highest levels of security, both internally and for clients.

Bastion Balance is a global wealth management firm based in Seoul, Korea with an international presence. They would like to remind their clients never to share passwords online or by phone.