Whatapp is one of the most used apps in the world. People use this app for many purposes like business purposes or other different purposes. Some people use WhatsApp just for chatting with their friends. So, it is also a source of entertainment.  WhatsApp doubts to be a fortress protected by end-to-end encryption and yet it couldn’t keep itself safe from the clutches of some people. Even in the past, there has been spyware that has been compromised. Electric bill phone scams are also very dangerous scams like Whatsapp scams.

Why WhatsApp scams?

Whatsapp scams messages but what’s interesting is that in most of these cases it wasn’t WhatsApp’s fault that a user’s private messages will be compromised. Ask these people they’ll tell you what I mean the lack of awareness amongst some of the users is the reason that their WhatsApp chats fell into the wrong hands. So here are some rules you need to follow to make sure that your WhatsApp account stays safe.

How to avoid WhatsApp scams?


Disable cloud backup little did people know that that’s the time when WhatsApp is most active. it’s backing up all the chats to your cloud storage. Now the reason this happens is that if you ever uninstall WhatsApp on your phone or if you’re using it on a new phone you can recover all your WhatsApp chats and media via cloud backup. Messages on WhatsApp are encrypted but whatever is being uploaded on the cloud is not so if a hacker were to gain access to that backup they can easily clone it.  Your devices copy the WhatsApp chat backup on the clone device and then read all your messages. So if you’re paranoid about your WhatsApp chats falling into the wrong hands disable the automatic cloud backup option on your WhatsApp by going to WhatsApp settings chats chat backup. Select the backup to google drive option and select never hang on.


Manually check encryption. Whatsapp says that it’s end-to-end encrypted but you can be double sure about the encryption by checking it manually. You can do so by going to the person’s chat and tapping on their name then tapping on encryption. You will see something like this pop up this is your security code. it’s like your identity for WhatsApp and you can share it with the other person via email or any other messenger you can also scan a code to verify or ask the contact whether he or she has the same 40 digits at their end. I know it’s like a painful process but again it’s your privacy at stake.


Two-step verification. Two-step verification ensures that whenever you try to activate WhatsApp on another device or a smartphone. You have to enter a six-digit code that you and only you should know this way. Even if some hacker gets a hold of your number or your WhatsApp account they cannot use your WhatsApp to message other people as both of you will be logged out of WhatsApp at the same time and then you will have to enter that six-digit code to activate WhatsApp. to activate two-step verification go to WhatsApp’s menu settings account two-step verification and then enable the option to enter your six-digit pin.


Activate fingerprint or face id security. WhatsApp also gives users the option to lock WhatsApp with a fingerprint or face id. For the iPhone android users can go to WhatsApp settings accounts privacy and then right at the end there is the fingerprint unlock. Activate the option and you can choose exactly after how long you want your WhatsApp locked. Similarly, apple users must enable the face id to unlock the option on WhatsApp.

Method-5 to avoid Whatsapp scams:

Don’t fall for scams the last and perhaps the most important rule does not go around clicking random links that people forward you on your WhatsApp groups. These can be spyware that can be used to steal information from your phone.  Also don’t download random files that drop into your inbox from random numbers. You can also make WhatsApp safer for yourself. By disabling the option for random people to add you to groups without your permission. To do that go to settings account privacy groups. Tap my contacts so now that you know these rules. Make sure that you follow them religiously. Because it’s better to be careful now than become the headlines of tomorrow’s news.